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Publisher: Maryann Thomas, The Ginger Press

Maryann Thomas is the founder and operator of The Ginger Press, the region’s largest publishing house with over 150 titles and one of the oldest independent bookshops in Canada. She’s a two-time Owen Sound Cultural Awards winner, former chair of the Owen Sound Downtown Improvement Area, and the publisher of The Owen Sounder and MOSAIC magazines.

Editor: Miranda Miller

Miranda Miller is a writer/editor with 19 years of experience in editorial for businesses, government organizations, publications, and non-profit organizations. She’s ghostwritten dozens of books and thousands of articles for authors in business, technology, and finance. Miranda is the Content Strategist for GlobalLogic Inc., a Hitachi Company, and the former Sr. Managing Editor of

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Miranda Miller 

Writer, editor, and marketing professional from Owen Sound, Ontario. Managing Editor at The Owen Sound Current.

Cathy Hird

Cathy Hird lives between the escarpment and Georgian Bay, the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation. Retired farmer and United Church minister, Hird writes fiction and creative non-fiction, with seven published fantasy and SciFi novels.

Ginelle MacDougall

The mom to two girls, I am an RPN working and living in Owen Sound. From waterfalls to hiking trails, ice cream shops to Harrison Park, my girls and I are making the most of our time together in this beautiful town!

Cayley Taylor

teacher, momma, runner. I love writing and coffee ☕️✏️ Currently living in Owen Sound with my husband, son, and two labs. Columnist for Owen Sound Current!

Rob Elder

Rob is a Financial Planner with more than a decade of experience serving clients in Grey/Bruce.